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It’s been a long time!

January 15, 2012

Well, I finally pinned my mom down and made her type in my blog. She has been really busy with work and she says that it buys us more treats so I guess I will forgive her.

So much has happened in the past two months! So I’ll start with Christmas.

My mom and dad said that we were going to grandma’s house! We were so excited! The only thing that I don’t like is being stuck in the car for seven hours. I love traveling though. We got to stay in a hotel room! My mom booked a “suite” hotel. The tiny living room had a couch that transformed into a bed and that’s where my sister and I slept. One night, because it was so cold I did sleep in their bed. My parents said that I take up to much room. Ha ha. We got to see a bunch of our cousins. Bernard, Rogue, Gambit, Lucy and Sasha. My mom’s grandparents have this REALLY COOL backyard where we can run for hours! On the day that we left she said that we need to go play to wear ourselves out.

This was a special Christmas. My mom said that years ago her cousin’s two girls were placed for adoption. A couple of months ago her cousin and her cousin’s daughters got to reconnect after 17 years. She even came to Christmas! She said that she wasn’t really a pet kind of person, but she petted us a lot. I think that we turned her into a dog person!

Here is a picture of me and Bernard.

Here is a photo of Rogue (our cousin)

Christmas day we drove back home. We arrived and got to open a TON of presents! My sister and I LOVE unwrapping stuff!

We were so tired from opening our presents that my mom piled all sorts of toys on my sister!

We had a great Christmas!

Last week my mom brought home two dogs. Bella and Rosie. I was a little bit leery of them, but warmed up after a while. My mom said that they were foster dogs. They really liked us, but were terrified of people. My mom said that we had to be good big sisters and teach them how to trust people. One night they broke out of their cage. We all started barking at something outside. My mom woke up and came into the living room. I knew that some of us were going to get in trouble. Bella and Rosie had ripped up watercolor paper and left some “presents”. I ran to the backdoor and my sister hid under the dining room table! WE DIDN’T DO IT! I think she knew that it was Bella and Rosie. I thought that she would yell at them, but she didn’t. If we ever did that we would’ve been yelled at! She said that they didn’t get yelled at because she didn’t want them to be more scared.

Over the course of a couple of days, Rosie started to trust me mom more. She would sheepishly walk over to my mom and give her a couple sloppy kisses. I did get a little jealous, but my mom tried to reassure us that they were only here for a few days or weeks. We tried to teach them how to go for a walk. They did ok, but if they heard any kind of loud noise, they would freak out.

On Saturday, my mom took them in the car. I WANTED TO GO IN THE CAR! She returned without them. Where did they go? Are they coming back? When she got home she told us that a super nice lady and her dog adopted them! I guess the dog, Murphy, really liked Bella and Rosie! My mom said that they ran all over the place playing when they met! I hope that everything works out. They were fun to have around for a few days!

Here is a photo of Bella and Rosie sleeping. They stole our bed!

Well I think that catches me up! I’ll try to write another post next week… My mom and dad are going on a trip, so someone will be coming to stay with us. I hope that my parents come back in one piece… they are going SHARK DIVING!!! My mom loves the ocean. I guess when they get back, I’ll have another story to tell!

Here’s a photo of my parents SCUBA diving.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Paws and Licks,


Falling in love

October 23, 2011

Did I ever mention that I love the fall? Living in Florida there are only a few months out of the year that are less than 3 billion degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as the temperature drops I like to spend hours outside basking in the sun. My fur is pretty long and the summer months are just brutal. Well last week I went to the backdoor like I do every morning and waited for my mom to let me out. When she opened the door I was greeted by cool brisk air! I was so excited that I pranced around the backyard for hours! Ocassionally when my lazy sister would come outside, I would ambush her to try and get her to play! I really hope that the weather stays this way!!!

I have another reason why I love the fall… pumpkins! The other day my mom came home with two pumpkins. When she put them on the floor I started guarding them from my sister… because I am sure that my mom brought them for me! I guess that she likes to decorate them or something. She thinks that I like to sit next to her and watch her dig into them, but I’m really just hanging around waiting for the pumpkin bits to fall to the floor! My mom says that I am weird. So what I eat pumpkins… big deal!

My mom's pumpkins

Here are the pumpkins that my mom carved

I just got busted eating the top of one of the pumpkins

I just got busted eating the top of one of the pumpkins

Wow. There is so much to write about this week! On Friday my mom made a phone call and then immediately left the house! Why did she leave all of a sudden? Well she came back about 20 minutes later and she smelled like another dog. She told us that our boyfriend, Jethro, has a new sister. Well yesterday Jethro, Jethro’s mom and his new sister came over to meet us!! I didn’t really catch her name… I think that it is Ellie Mae, but his mom and my mom didn’t say her name. Guess what… She’s a Treeing Walker Coonhound too!!! She came into the backyard and sniffed around. I was trying to get her to play, but she was too interested in sniffing. Once we all went inside she joined forces with me to torment my sister! I have a new friend!

Well it’s time for me to go and hide. I heard my parents throwing around the BATH word. I better hide before they find me!!

Paws and Licks,

They’re back!

October 15, 2011

So my suspicions were right. I saw the dreaded suitcases in the living room and I knew something was up. Then my Aunt and cousin showed up. They never show up unless my parents are leaving us to go somewhere. I guess having my Aunt and cousin around are fine, she gives us treats takes us on walks and our cousin Bernard lets us share his food (we’re sick of our own).

Last year my parents left us for THREE WHOLE WEEKS! I think that they went to Australia because when they came home my mom keep saying to my sister and I “A dingo ate my baby” and she played the dijieridoo once a day. I liked the dijieridoo, but it made my sister nuts. This time they were only gone for six days. They came back with only a few souvenirs. Mainly shirts and hats. They did get my Aunt a heart cookie, I think it said “your super” in some other language. My sister tried to steal it. I heard my mom say that in Germany people give each other cookies during Oktoberfest and they wear them. I thought that was odd. Why do you wear the cookie? Why don’t you just eat it? Duh!

We were over joyed when they came home. My sister has started crying when they come home. She does it even if they are gone for an hour. Well image if they are gone for six days. It was a howl fest. When she howls I have to howl. When I howl my cousin Bernard has to howl. Then my sister usually knocks my mom down to give her microdermabrasion with her cat-like tongue.

Well it’s been about a week and a half since they’ve come home. Everything is back to normal… except my mom finished her new office in the shed in the backyard. So now we have a new space to sleep. We also like it because she has treats out there! She made us beds, she gave us peanut butter inside bones, and brought some toys out there for us. It’s like one big giant dog house.

Our new dog house/mom's office

Well time to get back to my nap.

Paws and licks,

What is going on?!?

September 15, 2011

I have to apologize for not writing an article sooner! Things around here have been crazy for the last couple of weeks. My mom has been sick and it’s really scary. She passed out twice in the past three weeks, it looks like she’s dead when it happens.

On Monday she did it again. My sister and I were scared, but licked her face to hopefully get her to wake up… much to our relief she did. WHEW! Ever since then she has been going back and forth to different doctors. I hope that they find something soon. We have been tip toeing around her, fearing that it might happen again.

Another thing that is happening, is my sister, Addy, keeps munching on her tail. IT’S SO ANNOYING to hear her chew. She even makes it bleed! Does that hurt her? Thank god I’m not that neurotic! My mom and dad keep trying to wrap it with different things to get her to stop. She is unrelenting (I just learned that word!). They yell at her to stop and two minutes later she’s at it again. I know that it’s not my fault, but I can’t help but apologize for her. I know that I like to beat her up, but I feel bad for her!

Here’s an annoying thing that’s been going on. My mom likes to get us to do tricks every day. My sister and I have a wide array of things that we do, but my mom just taught my sister a new trick… kissing me. We both get treats for the trick, but in addition to the treats, I get all slobbered on. EWW! I mean come on. Can’t she learn a trick that DOESN’T involve me? Jeese.

My mom said that next month there is an event that I am going to called Dash for Dogs (or something like that). She said that I get to see Judy again. Judy is the lady that rescued me and my parents got her from. I’m pretty excited. I haven’t seen her in 7 years! I want to show her that I am happy, healthy and I love my family. She said that she is going to be the official photographer for the event! If you want to come and meet me, here is the information… My mom said that there is going to be a costume contest, I hope that she doesn’t dress me up!

I love fall! Fall is when my favorite food comes out… Squash! My parents don’t know why I like it. I normally only eat meat, cheese and peanut butter. My sister, on the other hand, will eat ANYTHING. There’s just something so yummy about squash. I love pumpkins too! My mom carves pumpkins for halloween… and one year I ate it. I didn’t really get in trouble, my parents thought it was funny. Luckily it didn’t upset my tummy!

I love my squash!

I love my squash!

Well, it’s time for my afternoon nap.

Paws and Licks,

Who rescued who?

September 2, 2011

My life wasn’t always this pampered. I’m eight years old now, but my first year of life I had a family that didn’t want me.

I wound up in a shelter, Pet Rescue by Judy to be exact. They treated me really nice, but I was in a cage just like a lot of the other dogs. Sure, they let me out, petted me, fed me well, but I was sad that my family just abandoned me. Why?

Well after a few weeks, I saw a guy that was looking at me. I didn’t really have my hopes up. So when he took me out of my cage I mopped around, no tail wagging, no barking, no kisses. He left. The very next day he came back and I over heard him say that he was going to take me home. Whatever. He’ll probably wind up returning me anyway.

I spent the next two days with free run of the house. He was impressed that I was house trained, I didn’t bark, I didn’t chew anything up… and I guess he thought it was super cute when I picked up my food bowl and brought it into the living room so I could eat by him as he watched TV.

A few days later he left. He returned about 2 hours later with a girl. He opened the door where I was and I sheepishly walked over to her. You should’ve seen her face. I’ve never seen anyone smile so much. That did make me feel good.

It still took me a few weeks to warm up to them. I was so scared that they would get rid of me just like my last family. My new mom and dad used to take me on walks, gave me treats, scratched me in all of the right places, but I couldn’t help but to think of my last family.

For the first month I was scared of everything. Our early morning walks made me nervous. The closing of car doors, the blowing of trees and the noises of cars starting all startled me.

I finally started to come around and accept them as my family after about 3 months. I know that it was hard for my new mom and dad, all they wanted me to do was love them, but they never gave up. It seemed as if everyday they would come home from work with some sort of new present for me. I wasn’t complaining!

One of the first photos that my mom took of me

My life now is plush. They adopted me a sister back in 2007, and even though she gets on my nerves sometimes, I love having her around. She had a family too… that turned her back in. I kind of understand why… she DESTROYED the house for the first year that we had her! She ate my mom’s phone, hairbrushes, christmas ornaments, carpets, books, video games… you name it she chewed it! When my parents came home I would hide, so they didn’t think that it was me! The only thing that I did was chew the insole of my mom’s shoe when they got married. They left me home alone for like 7 hours. My grandparents came over to let me out and play with me… but 7 hours come on. I figured that I would be in big trouble, but nope. Didn’t even get yelled at!

My mom also started working from home so she gets to spend all sorts of time with us. She told me that because she loved us so much that we inspired her to open a pet photography business. She also volunteers with the rescue organization that saved me. I guess she said that she wanted to give back or something.

I rarely think about my first family. I live for today, and I know how to push her buttons to get what I want!

Take it from me, adopt a dog. My mom said that I rescued her and that I make her smile every day, no matter whether or not she is having a good or a bad day.

Paws and licks,

My mom scared me.

August 25, 2011

It was any ordinary Tuesday. My mom seems to mysteriously disappear and return about 3 hours later, smelling of other dogs. I always give her the look like she’s cheating on us, but I like to have her home.

Well, this Tuesday I expected her to come home at the same time… maybe 1pm or 2pm. She didn’t come home on time.

The phone started ringing off the hook. The house phone rang, and when that went unanswered my dad’s phone rang. He was in the shower and couldn’t hear the phone. Finally, he got out of the shower, heard and answered his phone. We could see in his face that something was wrong. He got dressed really quickly and took off. He didn’t even say bye to me or my sister. Odd.

The phone continually rang for the rest of the day. My mom should’ve been home at 2pm at the latest. 2pm came and went, so did 3, 4 and 5. My sister and I started to get worried… but I was also on edge because of the storms. I like when my mom is there when a storm rolls around, but here we sat all alone. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

FINALLY we heard the garage door at about 6:00pm. Where had she been? Why didn’t she come home on time? Why did she have a bandage on her arm? Addy and I knocked her to the ground with our kisses. We were so happy to have her home with us. Moments later dad was home too! We wondered why both of them were home, but didn’t really care. We all sat in the living room, ate pizza and watched TV.

My parents would talk back and forth about the day’s events. She went to the hospital?!? What? What I overheard was something about photos, dogs, an ambulance and the hospital. When I heard that I automatically assumed that she got bit, but there wasn’t a mark on her. Hmm. I listened harder and learned that she was taking photos of the dogs at Pet Rescue by Judy, finished with the dog photos and headed inside to take photos of the cats. I guess that she was standing in the office talking when she just went to sleep. She said that she woke up when the paramedics were putting a mask on her. They took her away to go to the big doctor’s office.

I don’t really know what happened or why it happened, but are happy to have her home safe and sound. We were so happy to have her home that we let her dress us up and take pictures of us. What do you think?

Aren't we cute?

I hope the next few weeks are regular boring weeks. I like those better. Well I guess that’s it for today. I hear the storms from this dumb hurricane rolling outside… so it’s time to hide by my mom’s feet.

Paws and licks,

Soooooo ITCHY!!!!

August 14, 2011

My sister and I have been scratching like crazy. I’ve never scratched this much in my whole life. I don’t know what’s happening.

My mom was brushing me with my favorite brush… the furminator… and she yelled to my dad “SHE HAS FLEAS!!!”. I guess then she brushed my sister and said the same thing. What are fleas? I’ve never had them before. My mom said that’s what that Frontline stuff is for.

I guess fleas are bad, because at 1 o’clock in the morning we both got baths. I hate getting a bath… but I love when it’s over my sister and I go NUTS! We love chasing each other!

So we get dried off and my mom inspects me again. She still found fleas. So the next day she calls the vet… I heard her say vet so I came running, I love going to the vet. I guess we are getting new medicine to kill the fleas or something. I hope she brings me with her.

She disappeared for an hour yesterday and came back after about two hours. She had all of these bags. A bunch of spray bottles, flea collars and flea shampoo. Oh, no, flea shampoo? Does that mean ANOTHER bath? Well, it did. So my sister and I got another bath. My mom kept trying to tell me that it would make me feel better. Yeah right. I’m standing neck deep in the bathtub and I don’t like it. How is this supposed to make me feel better? Here are some photos of just how miserable we are in the bathtub.

Here's me in the tub. As you can see I'll thrilled.

Here’s my sister (Addy)

She wants to get out SOOOO bad.

Then she wouldn’t let us in the backyard for like 17 million hours. I over heard my mom talking that she sprayed the backyard for fleas and that they should die in about 1-2 days. I want to kill things. I’m the hunter let me kill the fleas. I guess she said that wouldn’t work.

On another topic my sister and I were going bonkers trying to catch a tiny baby snake in the pool. We just wanted to “play” with it. But then my mom saw what we were up to and scooped it up… and then had the nerve to make us go inside to let it escape. This is my turf. I wanted to catch it. Oh well.

Well it’s time to wake up and go outside to see what type of vermin walked in our backyard while we were asleep.

Paws n’ Licks,